Centre for Legal Education

The Centre for Legal Education enjoys the support of an International Advisory Committee (“IAC”) of senior legal academics and practitioners from around the world. The IAC liaise with and advise the Centre as well as sharing in the mutual benefits arising from an international specialist network.  We hope to continue to develop this committee and to facilitate links between those committed to legal education across the world.

The inaugural and pioneering members of the committee are:

Bernhard Bergmans (Germany)

Bernhard’s interests include:

  • Systematization of legal education by working out different profiles of lawyers (resp. market needs) and an optimized system of diverse legal education models
  • Understanding of the essence of legal learning by using input from different sources (legal methodology, psychology, neuroscience, pedagogy, philosophy)
  • Values in legal education

Kim Economides (Australia)

Kim’s interests focus on the role of law schools in laying foundations of professionalism, primarily through introducing law teachers and students to ethical perspectives on the changing nature of legal work. He has served on legal education committees and worked in law schools in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.  He was a founder member of the International Legal Ethics Conference.

John Flood (Australia)

John Flood is Professor of Law and Society at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, where he established the Law Futures research centre. He has previously held chairs in the UK and Ireland as well as visiting positions in the US, Germany and the UK. His research focuses on the legal profession–its structure, social world, regulation, education and globalization. His latest studies are looking at the role of technology in changing how law is done and how professional roles are adapting, or not. More information can be found at www.johnflood.com

Ernesto Riffo (Chile)

Ernesto’s interests focus on the challenges to the development of professional competencies within the context of the traditional curricular structure and teaching methodologies common in law schools in civil law systems. Since 2014 he heads the committee in charge of curriculum redesign at the Law School of the Silva Henríquez Catholic University, where he teaches legal theory and legal methodology.

Judith Welch Wegner (USA)

Judith was a co-author of the influential Carnegie report into legal education of 2007: Educating Lawyers: Preparation for the Profession of Law. Her current areas of interest include

  • Development of professional competence and expectations across diverse cultures
  • Development of ethical understandings and professional identity
  • Assessment of student competences both prior to licensure, post-licensure, and in diverse areas of specialization.
  • Assessment of competence using a comparative professional lens
  • Assessment practices, particularly at the institutional and system level in the USA

Paul Wood QC (Canada)

Paul is a lawyer and legal educator and former Executive Director, Legal Education Society of Alberta. The Legal Education Society of Alberta provides mandatory bar admission training and continuing professional development to students, lawyers and law firm staff in the province of Alberta, Canada. Paul was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2012.

Paul has strong personal interests in lawyer competencies, the assessment of competencies, and experiential learning supporting the development and enhancement of lawyer competence.