Centre for Legal Education

Kevwe Omoragbon is a research assistant at Nottingham Law School. She is researching into contemporary legal education issues as well as investigating the impact of the Alternative Business Structure model in the Legal Advice Centre of Nottingham Law School.

She has taught various courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels including Oil and Gas Law, International Law/Human Rights, LLM Legal Research Methods, English Legal System and European Law. She has also supervised students’ work in Clinical Legal Education, which is her research interest and the focus of her recently completed MPhil dissertation.

Her MPhil dissertation is titled, ‘A Critical Evaluation of the Use of the Portfolio as an Effective Form of Assessment in Clinical Legal Education’. The thesis examines the effectiveness of portfolio assessment in clinical legal education (CLE). It reviews the models of portfolio, analyses, contemporary literature on portfolio assessment and provides a critical reflection on the goals of learning and assessment in CLE. It also explores case studies from universities in different jurisdictions to show the value and efficacy of portfolios in CLE.

You can find more about Kevwe’s publications here.