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CLE Conference 2024: programme now available!

We have been delighted by the breadth and depth of papers submitted, all of which makes for an exhilarating programme.  You can see the programme here, and booking remains open until 10th June.  Be aware, though, that places for the in person day on 28th are limited, so first come, first served.    

Intellectual Property Awareness education for inventor-entrepreneurs in Iceland

Founded by Dr Bola Olabisi FRSA, the Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network (GlobalWIIN) is a unique group founded to support entrepreneurial women making worldwide impact.  It celebrated its 25th anniversary at the prestigious Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavik, Iceland on 6-7 September 2023.  The event’s inspiring motto “WOMEN4SOLUTIONS & SUSTAINABILITY” embraces a […]

CLE Sixth International conference: save the dates

We are delighted to announce that the call for papers for our sixth conference – Satisfying stakeholders in legal education: How to pack everything in (including the kitchen sink) – has now been released.  Your will find all details, including the submission form, on the conference page We anticipate that sub-themes for this year’s conference […]

Emotions and the Law (1)

The issue of emotions and the law has been subject to a fair amount of analysis, and there are two aspects to this I will address in two blogs. First, we need to acknowledge the role of emotions in the law, which then leads on the need to reflect this in legal education. This blog […]

Motivations and Experiences of International Law Students – 9th June 2023

Jane Ching and Azhin Omer have been working over the past 18 months on a project funded by the Society of Legal Scholars.  There is a considerable literature in the USA by scholars such as Ballakrishnen, Lazarus-Black and Silver on the motivations and experiences of incoming international students to the JD and LLM, but we […]

NLS Intellectual Property Research Group contribution to New Intellectual Property Education Book

The book launch of Teaching IP Law, Strategy and Management will take place on 21 June 2023.  The event is being hosted by University College London at UCL Laws, Bentham House, London. Dr Janice Denoncourt contributed a Chapter to the new book edited by Jacques & Soetendorp.  All three, and many of the books’ contributors are members of the European […]

Help us understand the motivations and experiences of students who come from outside the UK to study law in England and Wales

Jane Ching and Azhin Omer have funding from the Society for Legal Scholars  to investigate: whether the criteria found in the USA on the motivations and career aspirations of international law students are mirrored in England and Wales. the relative importance to international law students of the three dimensions of: knowledge and competence for practice […]

Happy tenth anniversary to us!

The formal launch of the Centre for Legal Education was in May 2012.  Back when COVID and SQE were just random sets of letters you might pull out of the Scrabble bag.  When the Legal Education and Training Review investigation had just started.  So we are delighted to find that we have grown up and […]

Launch of the Law Teacher’s special edition on Legal Education for Wellbeing: Design, Delivery and Evaluation

This will take place on 4th April, online at 4pm (UK time). Chaired by Emma Jones and Caroline Strevens (co-guest editors). Speakers will include Chris Ashford and Jess Guth (The Law Teacher Editors) and special edition authors Ursula Cheer, Michael Fay, Graham Ferris, Hannah Gibbon-Jones, Nigel Jones, Anne Macduff (pre-recorded video), Yvonne Skipper, Alison Turnbull, […]