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CLE conference 2020: call for papers, panels and booking all now open!

Building on the success of previous conferences on Values in Legal Education, Legal Education and Access to Justice and Legal Education, Legal Practice and Technology the Centre for Legal Education at Nottingham Law School is delighted to announce its fourth international conference. We invite participants from the whole range of legal education, research and wellbeing […]

Do we know how our undergraduates are doing?

We are trying to gauge the wellbeing or distress of our undergraduates in law and another subject area in academic year 2016-17. Certainly we know that there are high levels of distress amongst young people in the UK, distress that is putting pressure on NHS mental health services for children and young people. We know […]

End of term report March 2016

Plans for a publication based on the 2015 conference are in place with Pamela, Jane J and Nick as editorial committee, with Graham providing consultancy support.  Key criteria for contributions have been established, plus a potential publisher has been identified, as well as chapter authors and a writer for the foreword.  We are currently awaiting […]

Help us understand the motivations and experiences of students who come from outside the UK to study law in England and Wales

Jane Ching and Azhin Omer have funding from the Society for Legal Scholars  to investigate: whether the criteria found in the USA on the motivations and career aspirations of international law students are mirrored in England and Wales. the relative importance to international law students of the three dimensions of: knowledge and competence for practice […]

Motivations and Experiences of International Law Students – 9th June 2023

Jane Ching and Azhin Omer have been working over the past 18 months on a project funded by the Society of Legal Scholars.  There is a considerable literature in the USA by scholars such as Ballakrishnen, Lazarus-Black and Silver on the motivations and experiences of incoming international students to the JD and LLM, but we […]

SRA Workplace Experience Project

Professor Jane Ching and Pamela Henderson were recently commissioned by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to work alongside their own research team to explore the pre-qualification workplace experiences of individuals who may wish to become solicitors.  The report, which forms part of the SRA’s Training for Tomorrow project, has now been published and can be found […]

Stop Press on 2020 conference: Impact and Wellbeing

We have a really exciting set of panels and papers for the conference scheduled for 19th-20th June here in Nottingham, with contributions from many parts of the world.  We are delighted to have Rachel Spearing, co-founder and chair of the Wellbeing at the Bar project as one of our keynote speakers and Dr Liz Curran, […]

When is legal education not legal education?

There are some words I object to, to an almost pathological degree. There is a local sandwich shop, for instance, that advertises both “panini’s” and “baked potato’s”, which precludes me from ever crossing its threshold