Centre for Legal Education

Volume 27(1) of the Nottingham Law Journal 2018 is edited by Dr Janice Denoncourt and features thematically linked articles in support of intellectual property (IP) law education and research.  Dr Sabine Jacques (University of East Anglia) explores the use of gamification in IP law education.  Peter van Dongen (Netherlands Patent Office) and Joe Sekhon (University of Portsmouth) share their research into current trends in teaching IP law to entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and the UK.   Finally, there is a very special contribution from world-renowned IP educator Professor Emerita Ruth Soetendorp who shares her memoirs and reflection on four decades of IP education during its evolution as a law discipline, now a standard elective offered in UK law degrees.   A link to this edition is available here: https://www4.ntu.ac.uk/nls/document_uploads/nlj-2018.pdf

These IP law education contributions are outputs from the 10th Anniversary Conference of the European Intellectual Property Teachers’ Network (EIPTN) held at Lund University.

The 11th edition of the EIPTN 2018 conference will be held at the Universite de Poitiers, near Paris in France on 8-10 November.  For details of the conference programme and registraton please see  http://www.eiptn.eu/poitiers-2018/conference-program/‎