Centre for Legal Education

Gerard is a new lecturer to NLS coming from the National University of Ireland Maynooth, where he lectured modules on international law. He has a background in learning and teaching having been a course instructor for Maynooth University’s Critical Skills Programme which is under the remit of the Dean of Teaching and Learning, a first-year programme designed to support all students in the transition into university life and learning and developing student’s information literacy skills for university and beyond. Gerard has also delivered numerous ‘return to learning’ courses for mature students and students who have been out of education for an extended time. In 2021 he was named a ‘Teaching Hero’ by the Irish National Forum of Teaching and Learning which is a national award voted for by students.

His core research is based on the role of the right to education of Indigenous children and how education systems can both facilitate and deny the right to self-determination and addressing the need to decolonise the curriculum and implementing culturally appropriate curricula in line with students’ cultural rights. Gerard is particularly interested in developing students’ information and digital literacy skills and supporting the student experience while at university through supporting students’ developing their research, writing, and presenting skills through a transdisciplinary approach.