Centre for Legal Education

Associate Professor Graham Ferris has been teaching in higher education for over 20 years. A graduate of Nottingham University, he is a qualified solicitor and taught at Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University before he came to Nottingham Law School in 1999.

He has taught: Property Law; Legal History; Clinic; English Legal System; Banking and Restitution; Banking and Finance; Law of the World Trade Organisation; and Legal Theory. He has supervised many LLM dissertations and three PhD students to completion.

Recently he has developed an interest in legal education as a research topic and has given numerous conference papers, including one that was awarded the Stan March prize for best paper at the Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference 2014, and written several articles on the subject. His book The Uses of Values in Legal Education is an extended exploration of one aspect of legal education.

Graham is a member of the Teaching Legal Ethics UK network and has hosted one of the TLEUK workshops in Nottingham (Fishing for Values in Legal Education). He also took part in the 2014 NIFTEP London workshop. Recent publications concerned with legal education include:

FERRIS G., ‘Values, Ethics and Legal Ethics, the QLD and LETR Recommendations 6, 7, 10, and 11’ (2014) 48 The Law Teacher 20.

FERRIS G. and JOHNSON N., ‘Practical Nous as the Aim of Legal Education’ (2013) 19 International Journal of Clinical Legal Education 271.

HUXLEY-BINNS R. and FERRIS G., ‘Putting Theory into Practice: Designing a Curriculum According to Self-Determination Theory’ (2013) 19 (3) The International Journal of Pedagogy and Curriculum.

Graham has a strong interest in the links between identity and ethical character. His general approach might be summed up as the application of a theoretically informed approach to legal education. To try and make this idea concrete he formed in 2008, and still edits, the section of the Nottingham Law Journal called: ‘Practical Applied Legal Theory’. Experience of teaching clinic inspired his interest in legal education as a topic of research and reflection, and the subject has been a growing area of concern over the last 15 years, in both his teaching and research activities.

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