Centre for Legal Education

The school was delighted to host the book launch for Dr Liz Curran’s innovative new publication Better Law for a Better World: New Approaches to Law Practice and Education (Routledge).  The text is designed for law students, legal educators and practitioners and covers both theoretical and highly practical ways in which legal practice and legal education can work in and with communities to improve client-centred practice.

The launch took the form of an online panel discussion, involving panel members and other participants from the academy, practice and the judiciary, and also spanning the globe. Chaired by our own Professor Jonathan Doak, the insightful panel members were Justice Maxwell, President of the Victorian Court of Appeal (Australia); Sue James, President of the Legal Action Group (UK) and Michele Leering of Queen’s University and Community Advocacy & Legal Centre (Canada).

A further launch, hosted by Australian National University took place on 4th May. A final face to face Melbourne launch by Readings Bookstore will take place in Melbourne on 18 May 2021