Centre for Legal Education

We are delighted with the success of our third academic conference,held on 16-17 June 2017. Focused around the concept of “technology”, participants were invited to be creative, and many were extremely innovative, including demonstrations and participation by videoconference from the other side of the globe. In addition, friendships and links were forged, in sessions and in more informal activities, including tweets containing our hashtag that were seen 73,925 times by 36,173 different people.  We were also delighted with the number of current students who participated, from NLS, Cambridge, Open University, York University and Hidayatullah National Law University in India.  Special thanks go to our NLS student hosts Ciara Higgins and Isbah Mehraj.

The conference also represented our fifth anniversary as a research centre, so we can be forgiven for indulging ourselves a little with truly wondrous cupcakes (and Prosecco).  We also enjoyed highly stimulating keynote sessions with Brian Inkster, Ludwig Bull (lawbot and Dennix), Paul Maharg from NLS and Osgoode Hall, and Craig Newbery-Jones from Plymouth University Law School.

Participants came from Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, India, Libya, South Africa, the UK and USA. Details of the conference recorded live as it unfolded can be found here and received over 800 views, from all around the world.

Papers, posters and presentations were given by the following:

Taher Abouleid : Legal Education and technology in Egypt in an era of Globalization

Arpit Agarwahl: Technology and Legal Practice, a revolutionary nexis

Hamida Ali Aljaridi: Technology in Legal Education (Poster)

Emily Allbon and Morris Pamplin: Lagton Legal: Creating a Transmedia Storyworld for the LLB Legal Practice

Gabor Andrasi: Should Hungarian Legal Ethics Education Invest In Technology?

Ludwig Bull: Technology Makes You A Better Lawyer, not a Techie

Neetu Chetty: Teaching Law to a digital generation

Lisa Davies: Law PORT: an online training initiative to improve the legal information literacy skills of PhD researchers across the UK

Janice Denoncourt: Interdisciplinary Legal Education:  Embedding Intellectual Property Law in Business Programmes

Pamela Henderson: Implementing SCALE-UP in undergraduate Law

Matthew J Homewood: Extending learning spaces using social media

Nigel Hudson: PropertyMon Go!: Gotta catch ‘em all!!

Nigel Hudson and Paul Maharg: Legal Hack: how can we promote digital skills amongst law students?

Brian Inkster, Inksters solicitors, Clicks and Bricks: Legal IT the Inksters way

Emma Jones and colleagues: Exploring virtual reality in legal education

Jenny Kemp: Supporting international LLM students with the aid of corpus linguistic technologies (handout)

Raj Kumar: Online Legal Information System in Indian Environment: A Road Map to Provide Free Access to Legal Information Resources

Paul Maharg: ‘We are the campus’: learning design and ANU’s online PBL JD

Paul Maharg, Reflections

Craig Newbery-Jones, Plymouth University Law School: “The Courage to Walk into the Darkness, but Strength to Return to the Light” Technological Experimentation within Legal Education and Legal Practice

Linden Thomas: Developing a law school clinic case management system: an opportunity for collaboration?

Clare Weaver and colleagues: Teaching with Technology, Attitudes, Challenges and expectations