Centre for Legal Education

The Legal Education Group is a discussion group, organised by the Centre for Legal Education but open to everyone (including, if your line manager says yes, subject administrators). It positively benefits from bringing together people from across the school. The autumn meeting focussed on:

“What I learned from …” – sharing tips and techniques that we value and find useful but which we know we got from somewhere else. Whether that be peer review, observation of colleagues, a staff development session, talking to someone from another school, something a student said ….

Suggestions included:

  • Hilary Twycross on Breaking things into small pieces
  • Jane Ching on Student autonomy and interactivity and on feedback
  • Matthew Homewood, Angela Donaldson and Jane Ching on software they have found useful
  • Graham Ferris on what he learned about interactivity in lectures from watching Michael Sandel’s “Justice” series