Centre for Legal Education

The Legal Education Group is a discussion group, organised by the Centre for Legal Education but open to everyone (including, if your line manager says yes, subject administrators). It positively benefits from bringing together people from across the school. The spring meeting focussed on ethics and identity and was led by Graham Ferris.

Graham began by discussing the existing dichotomy in much discussion of ethics in (academic) legal education: that it is either about teaching professional codes of practice, or that law is about social action and that study of law necessarily involves an active struggle for social justice. This is simplistic and does not assist the student in developing his or her own stance and identity. A useful structure for discussion could be found in Narvaez, D. & Rest, J. (1995) The four components of acting morally, in: W. Kurtines & J. Gewirtz (Eds) Moral Behavior and Moral Development: an introduction, pp. 385–400 (New York, McGraw-Hill).