Centre for Legal Education

Jane Ching and Azhin Omer have funding from the Society for Legal Scholars  to investigate:

  1. whether the criteria found in the USA on the motivations and career aspirations of international law students are mirrored in England and Wales.
  2. the relative importance to international law students of the three dimensions of:
    1. knowledge and competence for practice in the home jurisdiction;
    2. status and capital envisaged as a “halo” by employers outside the UK; and
    3. regulatory bypass (eg seeking call to the Bar here in order to return to practise in Pakistan).

We would be very grateful to anyone who could circulate the survey (which closes on 22nd November) to students and PGR candidates (if you are at an institution in England and Wales or an international branch campus of such an institution).  We anticipate an event later in the year at which they will disseminate their finding.  Further information and the link to the survey (for non-Nottingham Law School students) here.