Centre for Legal Education

It is probably fair to say that, after the years of lockdown and restrictions on travel and face to face meeting, we thought long and hard about how best to configure our 2022 biennial conference.  In the circumstances, we wanted to focus on the positives of creativity and on bringing colleagues and students together in community. Knowing that travel, and the costs of travel, remain impractical for many people, we wanted to benefit from the model of online session stripped across a week that we had adopted, perforce, in 2020, we decided to use that again.  However we also wanted to bring people together and to celebrate community.  With the generous support of the law school, we were able to do that too!  As ever the organising committee, session chairs and colleagues in supporting departments at NTU pulled out all the stops.

We were delighted to have students both attend and deliver some of the papers.  We were also delighted about the extent of participation from jurisdictions outside the UK, particularly in India.  And we had a tremendous opening session from our inspiring keynote speaker, Foluke Adebisi as well as food for final thought in John Hodgson’s reflections on his lifetime in legal education.

Foluke Adebisi, The future of law (and legal education) in an unequal and imperilled world   

Alina Hruba Legal Education in Nordic Countries: comparative approach

Stephen Idowu Ilesanmi, Multidisciplinary legal education in Nigerian built environment

 Nandini Boodia- Canoo, Centring Humanity in Legal Education – a classroom experience

Gábor Andrási, What is your law school’s level of maturity regarding the integration of social responsibility into the organisation?

Luke Lynch, Perverting the course of [social] justice: How can we make access to legal work experience and mentoring more equitable?1

Gerard Maguire and Noelle Higgins, Maximising the PhD Supervision Experience: Two Sides of the Story

Mathew Game, Peter Vaughan and James Ball  Moving a Regulated Teaching Law Firm Online; Engaging and Supervising Students in an Online World

Jenny Kemp, The vocabulary LLM International Law students really need_

Yingxiang Long, Cultivating Innovative Private Lawmakers in the Global Context—from the Perspective of China

Sugandha Passi, Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Indian Legal Education

Sona Kumar, Auxiliary Sciences and Legal Education

Shrshtee Choudhary, Aditi Paul, Ruchika Sharma, Legislation and Jurisdiction of Suicide Laws in India: Conflicts and Retrospective Analysis3

Liz Curran, Good Practice in Legal Education for the Community and Multidisciplinary Practice

Jane Jarman and Callum Scott,  Say my name:   The formation of professional identity as a solicitor – lessons from the SRA Equivalent Means arrangements.

Emma Flint, Law School in 2022: killer of creativity or crucible of community and culture?

Laura Hughes-Gerber, Noel McGuirk, Rafael Savva, Augmenting student experience through embedding holistic student support provision for Law students into a changing curricular framework

Graham Ferris, Is law as an academic discipline still an important factor in the identity of legal academics and undergraduate students in the neo-liberal university?,

Hazel Dawe, Building learning communities as a means of helping students cope with the transition from school to university

John Hodgson, Closing remarks: reflections on 35 years in legal education