Centre for Legal Education

Guest post by Judge Taher Aboueleid, member of the CLE international advisory committee

In a long journey studying law in Europe since 2012, from Turin in Italy to Frankfurt, Brussels, The Hague and beyond.  I have been lucky to learn and gain such a great experience in some western European legal institutions.

The experience of studying in Western Europe inspired me to think about launching an initiative to develop legal education in Egypt, especially after I became sure that there is a gap between legal education in the advanced countries of Western Europe and legal education in Egypt.  Indeed, the same may be said of most countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2017, the Legal Education Development Initiative was launched through a Facebook page, with the aim to raise awareness in legal community in Egypt and we have now thousands of followers.  The Initiative has enabled us to publish many articles and research, as well as hold many workshops for law students.

Now it is my pleasure to announce the launch of the Initiative’s website as a new step in my dream to complete our path towards developing legal education in Egypt. We hope that the website will be the beginning of cooperation between the Initiative and law schools and research centers in Western European countries, the United States and the whole developed world.

The new website is at www.ledieg.com