Centre for Legal Education

In 2015, a special edition of the Nottingham Law Journal celebrated the outputs of our 2014 international conference, Value of Legal Education.

We are delighted to continue this tradition in the newly published Volume 27(2).  This is guest edited by Pamela Henderson and our Visiting Professor, Pat Leighton, provided the editorial. Contributions from the UK, Ireland, Australia and the USA drew on our 2015 and 2017 international conferences, Access to Justice and Legal Education and Legal Education, Legal Practice and Technology.

Simao Paxi-Cato and Yvonne McDermott set the ball rolling with Simao’s stirring keynote speech from 2015 on the links between legal education and access to justice for the disadvantaged.  Liz Heffernan, Jennifer Spreng, NLS Visiting Senior Fellow Liz Curran and Jenny Gibbons then provide a fascinating range of insights into those links across four different jurisdictions.

From the technology perspective, Ann Thanaraj considers how law schools can prepare students to work in an increasingly technological environment and Jenny Kemp considers how linguistic corpora can be used to enhance law students’ learning.

A link to this edition is available here: https://www4.ntu.ac.uk/nls/document_uploads/nlj-vol-27-2-2018.pdf

Look out for announcements about our next international conference, scheduled for summer 2020.  With the REF in our sights, we will be focussing on the different kinds of “impact” legal education and research into it can have.